The Prisoner (TV - 3 CDs)42,95EUR

The Prisoner (TV - 3 CDs)

Ron Grainer
Ron Grainer

Fabricante: Nettwerk
Original Television Soundtrack



CD 1

ARRIVAL composed by Robert Farnon

01. Rover (Timpani and Base) (01:15)
02. Theme One (Timp and Piano Strings) (01:36)
03. Big Brother (Singing Timpani) (01:04)
04. Jaws Singing Harp (Jaws Harp - Normal Speed) (00:26)
05. Screams (Siren Whistle) (00:55)
06. Frantic Jaws Harp (Jaws Harp - Half Speed) (00:32)
07. "Pop Goes The Weasel" ("Pop-Weasel" - Piano) (01:15)
08. "Pop" Two ("Pop-Weasel" - Piano, Block, etc) (01:00)
09. "Pop" Three ("Pop-Weasel" - Piano, Cymbal, etc) (01:25)
10. Secondary Theme - Jazz Slow Tempo (01:08)
11. Secondary Theme - Jazz Fast Tempo (00:51)
12. "Pop Goes The Weasel" (Most Orchestrated) (01:06)
13. Second Title Section - Boss's Office To Gas (01:18)
14. First Titles Section - Over Westminster Bridge To Boss's Office (00:41)
15. Third Titles Section - Prisoner Wakes To Ext Village (00:41)
16. Commercial Break In And Out (00:08)
17. Birth Of Rover (00:28)
18. Open Act (00:08)
19. End Act (00:10)
20. End Credits (01:04)
21. Sup/Imp Section (00:11)
22. Drum FX -1 (Low Timp - Slow) (00:28)
23. Drum More Menace (00:29)
24. Small Timp - Slow (00:27)
25. Small Timp - More Menace (00:30)
26. Large Timp - Single Beats (00:50)
27. Piano And Triangle Constant (00:17)
28. Cymbal Various (00:44)
29. All Drums At End (02:23)
30. Prisoner Out Of House etc (02:23)
31. Number 2 Orders, Take Over Of Helicopter (01:14)
32. Extra Drum (00:12)
33. Beach Fight - Rover Overcomes Prisoner (01:46)
34. "What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?" (00:10)
35. Prisoner About To Enter Number 2's House For First Time (00:37)
36. Helicopter Descends After Number 2 Tour With Prisoner (00:44)
37. "Boys And Girls Come Out To Play" (00:18)
38. "Boys And Girls Come Out To Play" (00:36)

ARRIVAL composed by Wilfred Josephs

39. Main Titles Part 1 - Westminster Bridge To Boss's Door (00:44)
40. Main Titles Part 2 - Boss's Door To Gassing (01:19)
41. End Credits (01:04)
42. From Prisoner Wake From Gassing To Taxi Girl (03:03)
43. Take Over Of Helicopter (01:10)
44. Prisoner Out Helicopter/Rover/"Residents Only" (00:38)
45. "Welcome Home" Card (00:29)
46. Radezky March (01:48)
47. Prisoner Goes Into Number 2's Office First Time (00:35)
48. Prisoner Smashes Toy After Test In Labour Exchange (00:18)
49. Birth Of Rover (00:26)
50. Prisoner Out/Gardener/Rover/TV/Beach (02:22)
51. Through Alarm Bell "Cobb Dead" (00:09)
52. Prisoner Out Hospital/Cards/Taxi/Number 2's Office (00:56)
53. Prisoner Leaves Girl, Gets To Helicopter (01:51)
54. W.J. Version "Boys And Girls" (00:36)
55. "What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?" (00:08)
56. High Whine Violin (00:32)
57. Celeste Theme And Chords (01:12)
58. Celeste Chords (00:46)
59. Flexatone (00:30)
60. Flexatone (00:32)
61. Bass Drums FX (00:42)

ARRIVAL composed by Ron Grainer

62. The Age Of Elegance (01:50)
63. The Age Of Elegance - Part 2 (01:19)
64. "Arrival" - Take 1 (00:49)
65. "Arrival" - Take 2 (00:58)
66. "Arrival" - Take 3 (00:12)
67. "Arrival" - Take 4 (02:14)
68. "Arrival" - Take 5 (00:28)
69. "Arrival" - Take 6 (02:11)
70. "Arrival" Opening (01:49)
71. Standard Titles - Take 5 (00:10)
72. Standard Titles - Take 7 (01:49)
73. Episode Opening (01:16)
74. End Titles (01:06)
75. Ins and outs (00:15)
76. Twangs On Guitar (00:07)

CD 2

ONCE UPON A TIME composed by Albert Elms

01. Sleep Music (02:04)
02. Go For Walkies (01:53)
03. Struggle (00:28)
04. Schooldays/Graduation Day (00:38)
05. Head's Study (Organ)/Prior To Breakfast (01:17)
06. Serious Organ (00:53)
07. Light Organ (01:48)
08. Clock - Only 2 Minutes (02:29)
09. Aftermath/Deserted Nursery (00:32)
10. Pat Enters Secret Service (00:35)
11. German P.O.W. March (00:36)
12. Court Of Justice/Gavel (00:12)
13. 'Degree Absolute' (00:06)
14. Kill Me! (00:39)
15. Light Stings (00:13)
16. Light On and Off - Beginning to Like (00:22)

A, B AND C composed by Albert Elms

17. Fight 'A' (00:47)
18. Fight 'B' (00:30)
19. Walk Down French Street (01:13)
20. Walk Down French Street (01:11)
21. Off Mask/Defeat No. 2 (00:37)
22. Discovery In Laboratory (00:48)
23. Dance Of Prisoner/'B' (01:18)
24. Following No. 14 (01:23)
25. Nightmare Noise (00:19)
26. Can Can (00:41)
27. Conga (01:59)
28. Prisoner Sees No. 14 On Screen (00:21)
29. Prisoner Convulses On Stretcher (00:15)
30. Prisoner Enters Dream (00:21)
31. 'Be Seeing You?' (00:06)
32. Mark On Wrist (00:06)
33. Warning To No. 14 (00:06)
34. Warning To No. 14 (00:06)
35. No. 1 Menace (00:13)
36. Short Nursery Phrase - Boys and Girls (00:30)
37. Tannoy Preamble (00:08)

THE GENERAL composed by Albert Elms

38. Intro To Village (00:21)
39. Prisoner Suspicious Of No. 12 (00:17)
40. Chase Professor/Discover Radio (01:03)
41. Professor Falls Down/Sting (00:09)
42. Prisoner In Buggy Taken Home (00:18)
43. Speed Chimes 'A' (00:21)
44. Speed Chimes 'B' (Longer) (00:27)
45. Prisoner's Historic Recital (00:37)
46. Prisoner's Historic Recital (alternative) (00:36)
47. Prisoner Discovers Radio Gone (00:40)
48. Destroy General (00:35)
49. Destroy General (alternative without guitar) (00:34)
50. Band Plays Waltz (01:42)
51. Elms March (02:13)
52. Free March (01:43)
53. Prisoner Enters Interior Of Professor's House (01:53)
54. The Two Busts (00:09)
55. Prisoner Strikes Professor (00:20)
56. New (00:07)
57. Track To Prisoner's Bust (00:07)
58. Carnival (01:57)
59. 'Report' Dramatic Playout (00:10)
60. Sweet Village Music (00:59)
61. Officials Assemble (00:21)
62. Prisoner Joins Queue (00:47)
63. Micro Lectures (00:12)
64. Hand Call Clobber (00:08)
65. Move In Closer (00:24)
66. Prisoner Clobbered (Sting) (00:06)
67. Intro To General - Fanfare (00:07)
68. Traitor In Village (00:36)
69. End Explosions (02:28)
70. Drums Various (00:40)

FREE FOR ALL composed by Albert Elms

71. Play Into No. 6's Residence (00:11)
72. Pat Ignores Taxi - Sees Village Map (01:18)
73. Sting As Prisoner Sees Second Reporter/Rover Approaches/Call To Council (01:08)
74. Prisoner's First Twizzle Round (00:12)
75. Rostrum Revolves/Descends (00:37)
76. Prisoner In Red Chamber (00:32)
77. Prisoner Dash From Maid, Motorboat Fight (01:12)
78. Prisoner Dash From Maid, Motorboat Fight (02:48)
79. Rover Takes Pat (01:45)
80. Pat The Victor (01:25)
81. Prisoner Shouts To Village/Beat Up (00:19)
82. Prisoner Shouts To Village/Beat Up (01:42)
83. Prisoner Shouts To Village/Beat Up (01:40)
84. Prisoner Stretcher Back Home (00:45)
85. Night Club Music (01:32)
86. Night Club Music (Opening) (00:08)

CD 3

HAMMER INTO ANVIL composed by Albert Elms

01. Opening In Hospital/Girl In Bed (00:10)
02. Prisoner Finds Girl Jump Out/Three Men Bring Pat In (00:19)
03. Prisoner Finds Girl Jump Out/Three Men Bring Pat In (01:52)
04. Shopkeeper Reports To No.2 (00:31)
05. Pat Follows No. 2's Aide To Home (00:44)
06. No. 2 And Aide Follow Prisoner To Boat (02:22)
07. Band's Version Of Bizet (00:42)
08. Chimes (00:08)
09. Prisoner Walks By Graves (00:32)
10. Break Conspiracy - Playout (00:06)
11. Break Conspiracy - Wild (00:07)
12. It's A Bomb (01:38)
13. Cuckoo Phrase (00:06)
14. Prisoner Sets Off Pigeon, Tracked And Killed (00:27)
15. Prisoner Sets Off Pigeon, Tracked And Killed (01:22)
16. Breakdown Of No. 2 - Playout (00:27)
17. Play In - Hammer (00:15)
18. Plan Hatching (00:16)
19. Happy Birthday (00:20)
20. Happy Birthday - Ironic Sting (00:11)
21. Happy Birthday - Soft Sting (00:09)
22. Happy Birthday - Sharp Sting (00:09)
23. Funeral Fanfare (00:11)
24. Arrival - Eerie (00:37)
25. Drums (00:10)
26. Drums (00:26)
27. Drums (00:11)

DO NOT FORSAKE ME OH MY DARLING composed by Albert Elms

28. Wake Up/Discovery (01:33)
29. Janet Arrives/Mirror Smash (03:18)
30. Janet Sees Her Father (01:03)
31. Superior Official Inspects Prisoner (01:36)
32. No Use/Prisoner Away From Office/Funeral Man (01:37)
33. Prisoner In Garden With Janet (02:14)
34. Prisoner Collects Photos (02:22)
35. Prisoner Fits Slides Into Projector (01:27)
36. Kandersfelt! (00:28)
37. Prisoner And Professor In Barbershop (02:00)
38. Potter Towards Shop (00:24)
39. Prof Dies (00:33)
40. Opening 'Bonnie' Phrase (00:12)
41. 'It Won't Be Long Now' (00:19)
42. 'Ah Colonel' (03:02)

LIVING IN HARMONY" composed by Albert Elms

43. Prisoner Resigns, Is Punched Up (01:37)
44. Prisoner Brought Into 'Harmony' (00:24)
45. Prisoner Socks The Kid (00:39)
46. Prisoner Rejects Judge's Proposition (00:56)
47. Kid Looks After Prisoner In Cell - Playout (00:11)
48. Prisoner In Jail, Kid On Guard, Plays Cat-And-Mouse (01:30)
49. Prisoner Leaves Town, Is Lassoed And Brought Back (00:57)
50. Kathy Is Tried And Judged (01:23)
51. Kid Shoots Prisoner's Cheek And Hand (00:36)
52. Kid Watches Kathy's Face (00:30)
53. Kid Lets Kathy Out Of Jail (00:39)
54. The Big Unarmed Fight (02:43)
55. After Kid Has Shot Willy, Pat Enters (00:45)
56. Dead Man At Pat's Desk (00:38)
57. Prisoner Collects An Extra Horse (01:51)
58. Kid Strangles Kathy (01:07)
59. Prisoner Discovers Kathy Dead (01:34)
60. Prisoner Shoots Kid (00:19)
61. Kid Falls To Ground (00:21)
62. Five Seconds (00:21)
63. Prisoner Discovers He's In Village (01:39)
64. Kid Strangles Kathy Then Dies (01:32)

FALL OUT and HARMONY composed by Albert Elms

65. W/T - Dry Bones (02:00)
66. W/T - Dry Bones (00:55)
67. W/T - Dry Bones (01:09)
68. W/T - Dry Bones (02:32)
69. Honky Tonk - Medium (01:03)
70. Honky Tonk - Slow (00:59)
71. Honky Tonk Extra Roll - Fast (1) (00:42)
72. Honky Tonk Extra Roll - Fast (2) (00:47)
73. Honky Tonk Extra Roll - Slow (01:08)

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