Leonard Rosenman
Leonard Rosenman

Fabricante: Varese

Banda Sonora Original


Música compuesta y dirigida por LEONARD ROSENMAN

01. Newscast, September 30, 1955 (:40)
02. Main Title – Theme From "9-30-55" ("East Of Eden") Narration by Richard Thomas (2:23)
03. On The Way To Criss Cross Meadow
A. Stolen Liquor And State Police
B. In The Jailhouse Now - Sung by Webb Piercer (Jimmie Rodgers)
C. Prayer By The River (3:38)
04. Hasty Retreat From Criss Cross Meadow (2:12)
05. James Dean And Eden Revisited (9:43)
06. Theme From "9-30-55" ("East Of Eden") (3:21)
07. The Ghoulish Syndrome
A. Assault On The Cemetery
B. Making Believe - Sung by Kitty Wells (Jimmy Work)
C. Tragedy Befalls Billie Jean (2:24)
08. Life Imitates Art
A. Jimmy J. Visits Billie Jean / Narration by Richard Thomas
B. Billie Jean's Disenchantment
C. Jimmy J. Smashes The Mirrors (9:21)
09. A New Rebel In Search Of A Cause (End Title: "Rebel Without A Cause") (3:17)


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