The many faces of THE SMITHS (3CDs)10,95EUR

The many faces of THE SMITHS (3CDs)


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The many faces of THE SMITHS (3CDs)

Música compuesta por THE SMITHS

CD 1 - The Many Faces Of The Smiths

01. The Boy Done Good
02. Don't Stop Now
03. Curvy
04. Shirley
05. Ever Fallen In Love
06. Even A Child
07. Ain't Bin To No Music School
08. Steal You Away
09. Kinnel Tommy
10. My Tape's Gone
11. Does It Matter Irene
12. I'm Going To Spain
13. Psycle Sluts
14. Cranked Up Really High

CD2 - The Smiths Live!

01. Hand In Glove
02. The Boy With The Thorn On His Side
03. This Charming Man
04. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
05. This Night Has Opened My Eyes
06. What Difference Does It Make?
07. Pretty Girls Make Graves
08. Miserable Lie
09. Reel Around The Fountain
10. Still Ill
11. Handsome Devil
12. These Things Take Time
13. You've Got Everything Now

CD 3 - The Songs

01. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
02. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
03. Shoplifters Of The World Unite
04. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Love Me
05. How Soon Is Now?
06. What She Said
07. I Won't Share You
08. What Difference Does It Make?
09. Reel Around The Fountain
10. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
11. Panic
12. Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This Before
13. Sheila Take A Bow
14. Hand In Glove


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