Status Quo: Accept No Substitute - The Definitive Hits (3CDs)7,95EUR

Status Quo: Accept No Substitute - The Definitive Hits (3CDs)


Fabricante: Universal
Status Quo: Accept No Substitute - The Definitive Hits (3CDs)

Música interpretada por Status Quo

CD 1

01. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
02. Ice In The Sun
03. Down The Dustpipe
04. In My Chair
05. Mean Girl
06. Gerdundula
07. Don't Waste My Time
08. Big Fat Mama
09. Paper Plane
10. Claudie
11. Caroline
12. Softer Ride
13. Forty-Five Hundred Times
14. Break The Rules
15. Little Lady
16. Down Down
17. Roll Over Lay Down

CD 2

01. Rain
02. Mystery Song
03. Wild Side Of Life
04. Rockin' All Over The World
05. Dirty Water
06. Hold You Back
07. Again And Again
08. Whatever You Want
09. Liviing On An Island
10. What You're Proposing
11. Rock `n' Roll
12. Something `Bout You Baby I Like
13. Marguerita Time
14. The Wanderer
15. Red Sky
16. Burning Bridges (On And Of And On Again)
17. Anniversary Waltz Part 1
18. The Way It Goes

CD 3

01. Jam Side Down
02. Blues And Rhythm
03. Old Time Rock `n' Roll
04. The Party Ain't Over Yet
05. Beginning Of The End
06. Two Way Traffic
07. Rock `n' Roll `n' You
08. In The Army Now (2010)
09. Looking Out For Caroline
10. GoGoGo
11. Bula Bula Quo
12. Backwater (Live By Frantic Four)
13. Just Take Me (Live By Frantic Four)
14. Is There A Better Way (Live By Frantic Four)
15. Blue Eyed Lady (Live By Frantic Four)
16. And It's Better Now (Aquostic)
17. Don't Drive My Car (Aquostic)
18. Rock `til You Drop (Aquostic)
19. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Aquostic)

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