Nelson Edy: Six Classic Albums (4 CDs)7,95EUR

Nelson Edy: Six Classic Albums (4 CDs)

Nelson Eddy
Nelson Eddy

Fabricante: Real Gone


Música compuesta por NELSON EDDY

CD 1

01. Come where my love lies dreaming
02. The merry, merry month of may
03. Old black joe
04. My brudder gum
05. My old kentucky home
06. Dolly day
07. Jeanie with the light brown hair
08. There's no such girl as mine
09. Open thy lattice, love
10. Fairy belle
11. Oh! susanna
12. Old folks at home
13. Angelina baker
14. Oh boys, carry me 'long
15. De camptown races
16. Old dog tray
17. Louisiana belle
18. Massa's in de cold, cold ground
19. Nelly bly
20. Beautiful dreamer
21. Don't bet your money on de shanghai
22. Trees
23. A dream
24. At dawning (i love you)
25. Berceuse (from joselyn)
26. The sweetest story ever told (tell me, do you love me?)
27. Because

CD 2

01. Sylvia
02. I love you truly
03. Just a-wearying' for you
04. Smilin' through
05. The rosary
06. A perfect day
07. Overture
08. Oh what a beautiful mornin'
09. The surrey with the fringe on top
10. Kansas city
11. I can't say no
12. Entrance of ensemble
13. Many a new day
14. It's a scandal, it's a outrage
15. People will say we're in love
16. Pore jud is daid
17. Lonely room
18. Out of my dreams
19. The farmer and the cowman
20. All er' nothin'
21. Reprise of people will say we're in love
22. Finale

CD 3

01. Prelude
02. The riff song
03. Ho! bold men of morocco
04. Margot
05. Why did we marry soldiers?
06. French military marching song
07. Romance
08. Then you will know
09. I want a kiss
10. Romance (reprise/the desert song
11. Won't you wish us luck?
12. Azuri's dance/the desert song (reprise)
13. My little castagnette
14. Let love go
15. One flower in your garden
16. One alone
17. I find the simple life entrancing
18. The sabre song
19. All hail to the general/the desert song (reprise)
20. Finale

CD 4

01. Stout hearted men
02. Riders in the sky
03. Without a song
04. The cork leg
05. The laughing song
06. Tramp, tramp, tramp
07. Water boy
08. Song of the flea
09. Rodger young
10. The mounties
11. Tonight we love
12. The lamp is low
13. My reverie
14. 'til the end of time
15. Strange music
16. Full moon and empty arms
17. It's love, love, love
18. Story of a starry night
19. Love serenade
20. Stranger in paradise
21. As years go by
22. If you are but a dream

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